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Foundation Huacaya Alpacas

Cria Female

Alpaca Rainbow Ranch's First Appy girl
Cria Female 2 yrs Beige, Medium Brown Proven  
Our last girl of the season "23
Cria Female Under 1 yr Light Fawn Unproven
1st Cria of 2023
Cria Female Under 1 yr Unproven
2nd cria of 2023 and another female
Cria Female Under 1 yr Unproven
Just look at this face...LOVE IT
Cria Female 1 yr Medium Rose Grey Unproven
It's a Girl!
Cria Female 1 yr Medium Brown, Dark Rose Grey Unproven


Bel stands out with her one Black leg
Female 7 yrs Medium Silver Grey Proven
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Open (Female)

Our first alpaca and what a Princess!
Open (Female) 11 yrs Medium Fawn Proven
Beautiful mom, beautiful cria
Open (Female) 10 yrs Bay Black Proven
Open (Female) 2 yrs White, Light Fawn, Medium Fawn Unproven
Open (Female) 6 yrs Light Silver Grey, Medium Rose Grey Unproven
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Open (Female) 6 yrs Light Fawn Unproven
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Our Pride & Joy of Alpaca Rainbow Ranch
Open (Female) 7 yrs Beige Proven
Personality plus!
Open (Female) 4 yrs Dark Brown Unproven
11 yo & still in the top 5% on EPDs
Open (Female) 14 yrs Light Fawn Proven

Bred (Female)

Our newest acquisition
Bred (Female) 3 yrs Light Fawn Proven  
Perfect little Princess
Bred (Female) 2 yrs Bay Black Proven  
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Bred (Female) 7 yrs Medium Rose Grey Proven  
Bred (Female) 10 yrs Dark Silver Grey Proven  
This girl always gives kisses!
Bred (Female) 13 yrs White Proven  
Bred (Female) 6 yrs Medium Fawn, Light Rose Grey Proven