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Welcome to Alpaca Rainbow Ranch

We are so h'appy' to have you visit our site!

Welcome to Alpaca Rainbow Ranch! Thank you for visiting our site. Here at Alpaca Rainbow Ranch, we are specializing in high quality appaloosa alpacas. We have our 3 time champion Apache Gentleman's Alchesay, who has cria on the ground in Colorado, Montana, and New Mexico. This 2024 both our classic appaloosa (Alchesay) and our Harlequin appaloosa (Harley Quinn), will be having cria born. Always an exciting time.

If you would like to schedule a tour, or a breeding, give us a call at 720.635.6557, or send us a text.

Alpaca Rainbow Ranch has come a long way from where we started. At first, it was just having these lovable fuzzy creatures to look at and call ours. Now we are breeding for quality, not just cute faces. We continue to make improvements and strive to produce champions, and with each breeding, improve the fiber quality.